Arbor Care14102008194

In a tree’s lifetime, the following care procedures need attention:

  • Corrective pruning of young trees for form
  • General pruning and shaping
  • Pruning of established trees including thinning canopies raising canopies, reducing hazards
  • Pruning of palms/removal of fruit
  • Removal of dangerous/broken/dead branches
  • Dismantling /removal of dangerous trees near buildings/fences
  • Crown reductions of many types of trees
  • Tree felling
  • Creating special effects eg pollarding (maintaining a fixed form) and espalier (training a tree along a fixed form)
  • Canopy restoration of neglected trees (especially oaks)
  • Vista pruning (opening up a view, but maintaining the privacy)
  • Repairing of storm damaged trees
  • Cabling and bracing of hazardous trees